#MyFavouritePlanet Competition

#MyFavouritePlanet Competition


Greetings commanders,

With the recent Q&A discussion on Planetary Tech with Dr. Kay Ross this week we wanted to give you the chance to showcase your favourite planets from Elite Dangerous and win a Razer BlackShark V2 Special Edition headset!

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Take a screenshot of your favourite planet in Elite Dangerous
    • You can do this from a distance (Show the whole planet) or highlight specific vistas/landmarks
  • Submit your screenshot by one of the following options:
    • Post it in this forum thread
    • Tweet it with #MyFavouritePlanet or #MyFavoritePlanet
    • Post it as a reply to the Facebook post announcing this competition
    • Screenshots must be in PNG or JPG format
  • Screenshots should be in landscape format and in 1920×1080…

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