Narrative additions and Dev Diary FAQ

Narrative additions and Dev Diary FAQ

Greetings Commanders!

As you will have seen from the events today (and heard if you tuned into our livestream) GalNet and wider narrative content is being reintroduced to Elite Dangerous.

While this has been away for a little while, the community and development teams have been constantly reviewing the feedback that’s been shared by you. We all understand the importance of this content to the community and we appreciate your incredible patience while we’ve been putting necessary focus on Odyssey. To ensure that focus continues, we have assembled a dedicated new team to ensure that content like CG’s, bonus weekends and of course GalNet, are back in the game.

It is with great pleasure that today we share with you a glimpse of our plans, some of which you will already have seen roll into action today.

Today’s GalNet article is the first piece of a new multi-arc narrative set to extend beyond the launch of Odyssey into 2022. Featuring new plot threads and some returning favourites…

Narrative additions and Dev Diary FAQ

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