New Community Manager – Sally Morgan-Moore

New Community Manager – Sally Morgan-Moore

Greetings Commanders!

My name is Sally Morgan-Moore and I’m absolutely thrilled to be rejoining Frontier as your latest member of the incredible Community Management team for Elite: Dangerous.

Some of you may know me from my previous roles at Frontier back between 2016-2019 where I started off in Production for Elite, before moving into Product Management for a year where I became ever closer to this amazing community we have today.

During my time in Production the first ever feature I worked on was the Camera Suite, which many of you absolutely knock my socks off with on a daily basis by what you capture using it. I am constantly obsessing over snapshots of your adventures on Twitter, so do definitely keep sharing them with us please!

I’ve been floating around in Elite: Dangerous since launch and I literally only fly one ship on my personal account (Cobra MkIII – Pink Wafer), because I’m emotionally bound to it and therefore have attachment issues…

Prior to Frontier I’ve…

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