New Community Manager – Zac Cocken

New Community Manager – Zac Cocken

Greetings Commanders,

I’m Zac, and I’m happy to say I’ve joined Frontier as a Community Manager on Elite Dangerous! I previously worked as a CM at PQube Games, working on things like BlazBlue, Nexomon & more – but I’m incredibly excited to get to know everyone and meet you all out in space!

A bit about myself, I’ve grown up a fan of Frontier games, and I do already have some experience in Elite (it’s a lot of hours compared to most games, but there’s plenty more to learn)! My current ship is a Krait Phantom, which I’m in the early process of engineering to maximise its exploration potential – I’ve always wanted to make a trip to Colonia!

Apart from Frontier games, I’m usually playing something management focused or story-based. KOTOR & Mass Effect stand out as series that I have played to death!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the stream chats, on Twitter, and on Discord (you can find me at Zac#8121).

Until then, fly safe…

New Community Manager – Zac Cocken

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