Arma2: Nogovan Armed Forces

Arma2: Nogovan Armed Forces


By [FUSION] R0adki11

Nogovan Armed Forces Project

These add-ons were created to fill the gap in the military of the Nogova Islands, although completely fictional, they have been made to be realistic as possible. This includes manpower, military spending and equipment.

Nogova is a island which is part of the Resistance expansion which was released, the Nogovan Armed Forces Mod represent years after the main campaign in the game is fought, showing a full army for defence purposes compared to weekend militia as portrayed in the game.

The army is responsible for defending the interests of the Nogovan Republic which comprises of Nogova, Everon and Malden.


 Nogovan Republic:

The Islands of Nogova, Everon and Malden formed a Republic during the 1980s as a better way of defending itself against soviet aggression, a better way of combining its resources and acting as a single unity for the people of the Malden Islands.

Thus the Nogovan Republic was born.



 This Mod includes the following units:

  • Nogovan Light Infantry Units – variety of soldier classes
  • Nogovan Paratroopers – paratroopers
  • Nogovan Paratroopers (MTP) – paratroopers in MTP camoflauge
  • Nogovan Highland Rangers – elite special forces
  • Nogovan Armoured Units – including T55 Variants, T72, BMP2 and Shilka
  • Nogovan Vehicles – including support and transport vehicles.
  • Nogovan Airforce Units – including Mig21, Mi8, UH1
  • Custom Rifle pack – includes Ak2 (multiple variants of G3 Battle Rifle) and HK32 Variants.


To download the mod please visit this page: Arma2 NAF Mod Download


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