Race Night Information & Lobby Settings

Race Night Information & Lobby Settings


We are pleased to announce the first season of Project CARS here at FUSION!

More information will be following shortly, but for now, this thread is aimed at giving the drivers and those who are interesting in signing up more information about how the league is going to work and what you, the driver can expect.


As this is our first season, we will only be running a single division. If we feel that come our next season we get a lot of signups, we will aim to run multiple tiers in which the faster drivers will be in a higher tier and the slower drivers in a lower tier.

This league is open to anyone and everyone.

Race Night Information & Lobby Settings

The following settings are what we’re going to be using on the race night.

Race Nights and Time

    • Event start: 7.30pm
    • Day: Friday

Session Information

    • Grid Size: 24
    • Car Class: GT3
    • Rolling Start: No
    • Qualifying: 15 minutes
    • Warmup: 10 minutes
    • Laps: See calendar (once released)

Weather information

    • Weather: See calendar (once released)
    • Progression: Real
    • Start date and time: See calendar
    • Time progression: x2


    • Force Interior View: Yes
    • Force Manual Gears: No
    • Force Realistic Driving Aids: Yes (See below)
    • Force Default Setups: No
    • Allow ABS: Yes (See below)
    • Allow Stability Control: Yes (See below)
    • Allow Traction Control: Yes (See below)
    • Mandatory pits-stop: No
    • Damage: Full
    • Mechanical Failure: No
    • Tyre Wear: Real
    • Fuel Usage: Real
    • Auto Start Engine: Yes
    • Penalties & Flags: Yes
    • Ghost Vehicles: No


Types of Race

We have come up with our own little spin off of the British Touring Car Championship. Each race night will follow one of two formats.

    • Single Race
    • Double Races

The single race is simple, qualifying and a grid start with a longer race. The double race follows the same format except the first race will be a shorter length, once the first race has finished, the second race will begin on the same track with the same weather conditions. The first lap will be used as a manual rolling start and the starting positions are based on the result of the first race, it will be a full reversal. i.e. If you finish 2nd in a race with 10 drivers, you will line up on the manual rolling start in 9th.

The other information is summarised below.

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