SITREP #00239

SITREP #00239

FROM: High Command
TO: Arma 3 Users
INFO: Art of War DLC / Creator DLC Updates, Live Ops Status



We are rapidly reaching the end of a mad year, and so we feel this is a good time to inspect the current state of Arma 3 development. Offering a distraction from the frequently grim reality around us, gaming has certainly seen a massive boost this year. Arma 3 is no exception. We are constantly humbled to see how many of you continue to play, and to welcome the hundreds of thousands of new recruits. The game is meanwhile in a Live Ops mode, rather than active development. Even so, this year saw two primary platform updates with 1.98 Old Man and more recently 2.00, on which we’ll reflect a bit in this report. And we’ll be looking ahead, providing updates on what’s still to come: Art of War charity DLC, Creator DLC, and more platform support. We suspect to be seeing plenty of comments asking about the future of the Arma series, but we hope there are still many of you interested to learn about Arma 3’s extended tour of duty. Thank you for the splendid support and stay safe out there! o7


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