Squadron Leaderboards – Season One ends soon!

Squadron Leaderboards – Season One ends soon!

Greetings Commanders,

The release of Beyond – Chapter Four brought many changes and improvements to the core Elite Dangerous gameplay experience; one of those changes was the introduction of Squadrons and Squadron Leaderboards.

With the first Season of Squadron Leaderboards coming to an end, we wanted to give you a little recap on what they are and how they work!

You can see the Squadron Leaderboards by heading to your Squadrons page, which is found in the in-game interface’s right hand panel. On this page you will also find clear instructions on how to join or set up a Squadron, too!

Topping the Charts – Season One of Squadrons Leaderboards

For a Squadron to appear on one of the Leaderboard categories, all members have to do is engage in that particular activity. The categories are:

  • Xeno Defence
  • Combat
  • CQC
  • Exploration
  • Political
  • Powerplay
  • Trade

At the end of each Season (roughly two months in…

Squadron Leaderboards – Season One ends soon!

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