The Azimuth Saga: The Story So Far

The Azimuth Saga: The Story So Far


Greetings Commanders, and welcome to the Azimuth Saga! Many of you will have caught wind of the various machinations of Aegis, Salvation, and other factions or individuals in recent times. This post will summarise these events as they unfold, so if you’ve missed anything or want to get involved, here’s where to catch up!


OCT, 3306 – A Pilot’s Federation Alert is issued, announcing the discovery of an abandoned megaship in the Chukchan system. Identified as the Adamastor, it appears that the vessel has returned on autopilot after setting out two centuries prior.

An excerpt from an Alliance Salvage Guild specialist’s report:

“The Adamastor has been travelling at sublight speed through interstellar space for nearly two hundred years. There are no remains of the crew. All escape pods and secondary craft have been…

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