The Golf Club 2: Update v1.03

The Golf Club 2: Update v1.03

The Golf Club 2: Update v1.03


Below is a list of items that have been addressed in this update.

Staggered Leaderboards in Online Societies – This will hide final results of the round from the user before entering a round and they will see scores unfold during the event, even if the other players have completed their round.

Society President Banning – This will give Society presidents the ability to remove inactive users or users who are abusing their settings for their Society.

Additional Stat Tracking – We have added personal stats breakdown for number for Birdies, Eagles, Albatross and Hole-in-Ones for the user.

Society Search Filters – We have added the ability to sort societies by popularity and by entry fees.

Course Designer – Improved stability of course editing when manually planting pieces of grass with brushes.

Auto Adding Rivals – Users can turn on auto add rivals during a society event and the game will select players from their round to complete against and will automatically add them to their scorecard.

Society Handicaps – Handicap restrictions are now taking effect when joining an event, not only when joining a Society.

Added Strokes – Addressed a case where some users were experiencing added strokes to their round after viewing a replay.

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