Twitch Drops Cargo Breach

Twitch Drops Cargo Breach

Greetings Commanders,

We’re delighted to announce that Twitch Drops are coming to select Elite Dangerous streams! During these streams, you will be able to earn drops just by watching!

On Tuesday 24 November at 16:30 (UTC), during our Supercruise News stream[], we will be testing out the Twitch Drops system for the first time, so come along to earn drops!

Once you reach the required time for a drop, you will then need to follow the URL, link your Frontier account to your Twitch account, and then claim your reward.

Here are the rewards that we will be dropping and the times for tomorrow’s stream:

Watch the stream for 15 minutes to be eligible for the Vibrant Purple Paint Job.

Watch the stream for 30 minutes to be eligible for the Purple SRV & Fighter Paint Jobs.

Watch the stream for a full hour and you will become eligible for the Purple Weapon and Engine Colours.

After this stream, we will keep you up to date on any of our future streams featuring Twitch Drops.


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