Update on Communication

Update on Communication

Greetings Commanders,

I want to speak directly about the lack of official streams and reduced communications from our social channels since the start of 2022. I understand the concerns this has caused and hope this statement goes some way to alleviate them.

The whole team are excited to share all of the upcoming content for this year including new updates, content expansions and the next major phase in the ongoing narrative following the Azimuth Saga finale. Beyond this, we also look forward to sharing our new streaming format when the series returns as a weekly show. Changes will include new segments, year-round Twitch Drop campaigns and studio-quality production once we move back into the office.

However, there are several questions that must be answered internally to inform this communication plan. It is important to me that we address key subjects by priority and when we do that the information we provide is clear. The team and I are working incredibly hard behind the…​

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