YOUR name in Elite! Tourist Beacon competition

YOUR name in Elite! Tourist Beacon competition

Greetings Commanders,

Explorers venture into the depths of space and discover beautiful systems that most will never see. We would like to offer you the opportunity to share your best discoveries and be immortalised in Elite Dangerous.

Our plan is to place approximately 50 additional Tourist Beacons throughout the Milky Way. Therefore, we’re running this competition in-line with this week’s exploration-based Community Goal.

To enter, reply to this post with a screenshot of the most interesting unpopulated systems containing an Earth-like world you can find! When the Community Goal ends on 30 September, we’ll choose our favourites and add Tourist Beacons to those locations. Each beacon will feature the entrant’s Commander name in its text!

To qualify, submissions must:

  • Feature a screenshot of an unpopulated system in Elite Dangerous which contains an Earth-like world
  • Include your in-game Commander name
  • Include the name of the screenshotted system…

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